Coronavirus Testing Centers: Find COVID-19 Testing Near You


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State guidelines and testing criteria differ by state, please read or select appropriate state below.

  1. Call your local healthcare provider or hospital if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  2. Test providers will determine if testing is appropriate for your case based on local criteria.. 
  3. Call the coronavirus test site before you go to confirm all final details.

  • If you believe that you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to the novel coronavirus:
      • Call your primary care doctor or an urgent care clinic. Do not show up unannounced at an emergency room or health care facility. Your health care provider will determine if you need to be tested and tell you how to get care without exposing others.

  • To be prioritized for testing at the Georgia Public Health Laboratory, patients must meet the state’s criteria, which evaluates a combination of symptoms and risk factors.
  • Private lab testing is available for symptomatic patients who don’t meet the state’s priority requirements if their doctor determines they should be tested.
  • Stay home and avoid contact with others while symptomatic to prevent the spread of the virus and follow your provider’s instructions for taking care of yourself. Stay in touch with your doctor, monitor your symptoms.

For more information, call the state’s COVID-19 hotline at 844-442-2681 or visit the Georgia Department of Public Health’s website.

*This listings are updated regularly with the latest, publicly available data. The number of testing centers changes quickly. 

Start a COVID-19 Self-Assesment

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