why did we start

This project was created after recognizing the importance of testing in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and listening to stories of Americans who were being denied COVID-19 due to a lack of capacity. 

Being healthcare professionals and technologists, we recognized the challenges facing the public, laboratories and healthcare workers during these challenging times. We wanted to do our part to help:

  • Increase the testing capacity in the US
  • Alert the public with accurate & accessible information
  • Promote individual-led contact tracing & self-isolation practices
  • Support underserved communities & essential workers gain increased access testing 

our goal

There are good reasons why testing is reserved for high-risk communities at the moment, but we want to make sure that the moment testing becomes more widely available that people who suspect they have COVID-19 are able to get tested and receive appropriate treatment from a healthcare professional. 

Additionally, as more people begin working again testing will play a key role in ensuring that we keep the spread of the illness suppressed from overwhelming our healthcare system. We must all do our part to keep ourselves safe as well as other people by self-isolating and notfiying others when we become sick.

Join us

This project is run by volunteers and the services that numerous sponsors have provided in-kind. If you would like to also help us on our mission to increase the COVID-19 testing capacity in the US please reach out to us at covid-19@spark-bio.org.

our team

Karen Wallace

Andrew Yang

Winston Durand

Lubna Hassan-Ejaz

Special Thanks

COVID-19 Task Force

Covid Accelerator

Noun Project


Coders Against Covid




Jessica Pasqua, MD

Noah Kojima, MD

Ellen Sung, MD

Yahia Ali

Luke Finn

Jada Cheung

Nash Ang

Paul Bearne